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Welcome! Whether you are a student of DayTradingCourse.com, or are simply interested in Day Trading, we hope that you find these resources helpful, insightful and encouraging. We have been teaching and mentoring day traders from around the world for over 17 years. If there is anything that we can to do further your daytrading career, just give us a call at 770-382-9656 or contact us by email.



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Selected Day Trading Articles and Resources

New Article!Legendary Investor Jesse Livermore's 5 Rules for Money Management when Investing or Trading

Student Pictures

What are E-Minis?

2012 Front Month Symbols and Expiration Dates Explained

What's the difference between day trading Eminis and NASDAQ stocks?

What's the difference between day trading Eminis and Forex?

Price Velocity, Price Acceleration & Simplified Elliott Wave™ vs. Indicator Trading

The $TICK Index

Traders Source Magazine article by Paul Quillen, May-June 2004 Issue

Seven Stages of Expertise
"I trust that it will help others understand why your steps 1, 2, 3 exist, why saddle-time is not optional and why your process is no different than any internship or apprenticeship that results in a new profession, trade or skill." - Steve Weiss

Trading without Indicators - Letter of Appreciation for DayTradingCourse Methodology

SFO Magazine article, "Your Order Entry is Ready", which contains comments from Paul Quillen

Why less on the chart and fewer charts works better.

Trader Trading and Risk Psychology.

9 Characteristics of Great Traders

Surge Protection article by Paul Quillen, 1993

"That was so awesome! This is an absolutely outstanding example of what you taught me. Now I have
somethingI can show my wife to explain just what it is I learned from you." - J.L., Conyers, GA

Press Release on Daily Recap Webinars

E-Mini Market Comparisons

Emini Tick Comparison

Market Comparison of ER2 & YM

Market Comparison of ES NQ ER2 YM

Another Market Comparison of ES NQ ER2 YM

Day Trading and Tax Resources

Tax Year 2013: Tax Investment Income and Expenses, Publication 550

High-Net-Worth Investor Portfolio Management Strategies - CBOE White Paper


Left-Right Brain Test

Adult ADD test for those that have trouble focusing

Other Insightful Articles and Interviews Related to Trading

Dr. Flavia Cymbalista Interview on the power of intuition when trading

Legendary Investor Jesse Livermore's 5 Rules for Money Management when Investing or Trading

Esquire Magazine article: "A Clean Mind" about stress due to clinched jaw

US News & World Report Magazine article: "Mysteries of the Mind"

Health Day News article: "Computer Monitors and Your Health"

Five Things We Can Learn About Trading From One of Our Greatest Fighter Pilots

Mental Fitness For Traders, by Norman Hallett, April 2005 (35 pages)

Biography of Ralph Nelson Elliott (7 pages)

A historical 1927 book by R. N. Elliott himself: Tea Room and Cafeteria Management

eSignal Market Stats

Take Note: Doodling Can Help Your Memory

What a Trader Really Needs to Be Successful

Know Your Trade - Trading Plans and You

Emini Futures Day Trading

Online Currency Futures Trading


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