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Here's a letter from a fellow trader who ordered the Affirmations CD:

I appreciate everything you sent me, and all the excellent articles on your website.

Please pass on to Mr. Quillen my gratitude for his work and the following message.

Your organization is the first group I've ever seen take the focus away from "indicators" and into pattern recognition, using oneself and one's own brain, and dealing directly with price. That's the way I trade!! But I've never seen anyone articulate it before. It's very thrilling to finally find colleagues who think similarly.

I traded for many, many years using so many different indicators, methodologies, "holy grail" systems (and some that make me a little embarrassed for even trying) over the years, testing, testing, testing--you know this story very well. I never truly had confidence in any of these systems, but I didn't seem to be able to identify the feeling or reason I might think such approaches were all wrong!

After very mediocre results for years, I finally decided to stop trading altogether (another chapter in many peoples'; lives as traders, isn';t it?)...and turned off my software and computers and just quit.

Then about a week or so later, I woke up one morning and thought, what I should do in my trading is exactly what I do in the other areas of my life... it's not really different from things I love in some ways and why not do it my way? What was the original spark and pleasure I got from my vision of trading anyway? Wasn't it to have challenge and fun and make money doing it? Well, if so, shouldn't I find the way to do it?

I prayed and the answers came immediately.

I'm a clinical psychologist by training and I've worked with couples and individuals successfully for 25 years. The number one thing I work with them on...the reason I am so successful with my clients...is because I work with them on their beliefs and innate intuition (and spirituality, though I usually keep that part of it to myself until they realize what is truly meant by that) , and on combining thinking, feeling, sensing and intuition in a brand new way. Only then do I work with them on so-called problems in their lives. By the time I get their "internal system" straightened out, the outer "problems" are very easy to solve.

The "science" of this is not mathematical...it's focus and awareness. Once those things are in place, it's easy to do the "technology" and make massive changes very very rapidly.

I often say when people ask "how long is this going to take?" that it will only take five minutes to make the changes, but it might take them weeks or months or even more before they will permit that five minute total transformation to take place. Change really is instantaneous when everything inside of you is lined up right--as I am certain you understand.

Another area of passion for me is fly fishing. I'm a gifted fly fisherman. It's not because my skills are so much greater than others. It's because I apply focus and awareness.

When I realized that I could do the same things I did so well with fly fishing and psychotherapy into my trading, my whole world as a trader changed. It became fun, carefree and enjoyable--and very profitable.

So that's why I appreciate your basic premise and approach to trading as presented in your copy and articles. It resonates well with me and I had a ball reading and perusing your materials.

Awesome job on all of it, and much appreciated by one who lives overlooking a massive river canyon here in the Northern Sierra...where it is currently snowing and we expect 2-3 FEET of snow this night.

Best Wishes,
M.V., Nevada City, CA


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