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Imagine having received 5 days of true One-on-One instruction on day trading the emini futures by a 20-year expert day trader. Now, imagine yourself back at home, but not alone, as you implement all that you learned in those 5 packed days of instruction. With DayTradingCourse.com, you are never alone! As your mentor, Paul Quillen will guide you for a full year using the most impactful technology - online meetings - to help during live trading and end of day review of your trades. These services are the Community Room and the Daily Recap Webinar. BOTH are included in your tuition for a full year! Imagine never feeling alone in your journey to successful trading.


The DayTrading Course Community Room is an online meeting where fellow students hang out while trading live. You can speak with each other while watching the market, viewing a common chart. When available, Paul is present in the Community to discuss techniques, risk management, and even help you troubleshooting your charts. It is an instrumental part of your year of mentoring, included in your tuition at no additional charge!

To keep each student responsible for his own trades, no one announces at the time of entry. But, they do discuss setups, trade management, techniques, market conditions, etc. as they occur. It has helped provide a place for our students to discuss the market and further the development of their skills. For those students who are more social, trading with the Community Room helps them to never feel closed off from the world while trading.

The Community Room is part of your full year of mentoring and runs from 9:30 to 4:00 EST on trading days. You are welcome to join in throughout the day as you are able; come and go as you wish.

"The Community has made an immense improvement in my trading. I'm up, up! When you're by yourself, you don't know if you're thinking correctly and it helps me to think like a trader." - I.H., Hudson, OH



The Daily Recap Webinar is a powerful tool for DayTradingCourse students to discuss the techniques applied to the market, reviewing specific trades for that day in a group format with your host, Paul Quillen, Founder and Instructor of the DayTradingCourse. The group format allows students to learn from the review of Paul's trades as well as the students' trades using screen-shared charts. We focus heavily on identifying the setup, the entry point, risk and trade management, and trading psychology. This is a highly interactive webinar where student questions, comments, feedback and peer review help refine and improve your trading skills.

We primarily review the trading techniques on YM and ES since those two contracts are what most students trade. However we also cover any market you trade, including ER2, NQ, 6E, and Forex. If there is time remaining, we encourage questions on your trading computer, internet, and trading software.

"I love the webinars!!! I think they are perfect! know the biggest benefit me for is reviewing the "great" trades and the mistakes. It has really helped me during the day. Listening to you sift through the chart in time, filtering and passing on set-ups, explaining why, is sooo helpful. I am trying to apply the same discipline.....and patience.
Now when I see a set-up I think about explaining it in the webinar..... and deciding if it really that good?...or was it crap!!!! See you in the webinar; thanks again," - M.B., Guilford, CT

Review your trades the SAME DAY, EVERY TRADING DAY!

Benefit from reviewing your actual trades with your mentor and peers the very same day you traded them. Get feedback daily to improve your trading skills immediately. As soon as the market closes, we begin reviewing trades. Show your trades on your own monitor, pointing out what your thoughts were, where you entered, the full review. The Daily Recap Webinar begins at 4:00 p.m. Eastern each trading day and lasts approximately an hour. When the market closes early on holidays, we will cover that trading session on the next webinar.

If you're unable to attend a webinar or want to watch a webinar later, you can! Included in your subscription is access to the Daily Recap Webinar video archives. Videos are available after each webinar, usually posted the same evening or at the latest, the next morning. And, you will have access to that month's videos for a full 3 months.

"I absolutely love the webinars - even though I cannot always attend the live sessions, I always make sure I watch the recordings within a few days. There is so much valuable learning experience for me in the webinars. Not just absorbing Paul's teaching but also listening in on the other students as they come to terms with exactly the same issues I am dealing with every day in my trading pursuit." - A.S.P., Vienna, Austria

Returning Student? Been a while since you've traded?

No worries!! The Community Room and The Daily Recap Webinars benefit returning students more than any other self-starting review. If you have had to take time off from your trading due to life's demands and want to get back into the swing of trading, our Student Support Membership, which includes the Community Room and Daily Recap Webinars are perfect for you. Not only are you able to participate live, but if you can only watch after hours, you can still keep up with the current market, techniques and trading psychology by watching the archived webinar videos. It is a great tool to pick up where you left off and greatly reduces the "re-learning curve". In addition, you receive all the benefits of the Student Support Membership, putting you right back into our mentoring program. It's like having Paul in your back pocket again!

You can subscribe as needed. There is no obligation nor limitation to this service for our students. Any student, past or present, can use the Support, Community Room and Daily Recap Webinars to boost their learning, trader self discipline, trading techniques and trading psychology, whenever it is needed. Come and go as you wish. We are here to help!

"Hi Paul,
[L] down in Jacksonville FL. In spite of my crazy work schedule and commute, I find some time to watch the webinars. What a fantastic visual right-edge tool to see the entry patterns you teach, what you're thinking and why. That is something you can't read in a book! Even though my situation will not let me trade live yet or possibly for several years, it helps keep me focused on specific entries that should make it much easier to 'pickup where I left off' and to just 'look for patterns' when that opportunity arrives. It actually revived my 'trader' thinking. Thanks, and wishing you and yours the best of health and happiness."
- L.V., Jacksonville FL

Student Support Membership

During the last 4 years, Paul discovered that the Daily Recap Webinar, for most students, is essential for their success. He originally had no idea how powerful a teaching tool it would become. The Daily Recap Webinar was originally a separate subscription. As of September 2013, to celebrate our 4th year of providing the Daily Recap Webinars, we are incorporating them into the entire first year of included support, along with the existing live Community Room.

Paul has also decided to go one step further and include the Daily Recap Webinar in the $30 per month continuing support after the first year. So, for an incredibly low rate, your Student Support Membership also includes the Daily Recap Webinars! This commitment from DayTradingCourse demonstrates how powerful the Daily Recap Webinars are to your success as a daytrader.

Student Support Membership includes the following services:

  • The Daily Recap Webinars, review trades after the market close
  • The Community Room, participate during market hours
  • Emailed Annotated Chart Pictures
  • Emailed new developments
  • Emailed Trade Management and Trade Psychology
  • Mentoring, Telephone and Email support

"I like how you are running the webinars by starting out with the nice entries and hearing your thoughts and comments about them. It is really cool when our thoughts match up, that way I know what I'm seeing is correct. For example the irregular today, I saw it real time and you confirmed. Some benefits from the webinars that I've noticed is that I've calmed down and I'm taking less trades. I'm getting better at being patient. I think I'm currently 60/40, with 40% of the time I tend to force or look.
I look forward to the webinars everyday. Thanks for doing them." - L.P., Danville, CA

Student Support Membership: Subscription Terms

This subscription is only available to past or present students of DayTradingCourse.com™ who have completed their Year of Mentoring. All subscriptions are manually verified before access is granted. If your registration fails verification, we will cancel and refund your subscription. Once approved, you will receive an email confirming your subscription with access instructions. You may subscribe using one of the methods below. If you would rather subscribe via phone using a credit card, please call our office at 770-382-9656 between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Eastern.

The cost is $30 per month. This subscription runs on a calendar month basis. If you subscribe mid-month, you will become active for that month. The subscription automatically renews monthly unless you cancel. If subscribed through PayPal, you can cancel your subscription through your PayPal account. If subscribed by phone, please call us at 770-382-9656 to cancel. There are no credits or refunds for partial months subscribed to or cancelled. If you cancel, you can register again as needed, as long as the Student Support Membership is offered. If you're unable to attend a live webinar session, you can watch the webinar's recording later at your convenience. You also receive access to that full month's archived webinars for 3 months.


Please read the following agreement carefully.
“I am a student of Etowah Valley Inc.™ dba daytradingcourse.com™ or daytradingcourseonline.com™ and will be participating in the Community Room and Daily Recap Webinar by myself. I will not retransmit or record any portion of the online meetings nor allow anyone else to retransmit or record any portion of the online meetings.” Other students of Etowah Valley Inc.™ may watch your monitor in the same room with you at no extra charge. No retransmission is allowed. This includes but is not limited to desktop sharing solutions such as gotomypc, gotomeeting, webex, etc. No one that is not an Etowah Valley Inc.™ dba daytradingcourse.com™ or daytradingcourseonline.com™ student may watch these online meetings. Etowah Valley Inc.™ records the Daily Recap Webinar and makes the recording available to paid participants. However, participants may not record nor allow anyone else to record this the online meetings. Additionally, there are no refunds for missed sessions of the Community Room and/or Daily Recap Webinar.

Continued Student Support Membership after the Year of Mentoring completes is $30 per month or an up-front investment of $360 per year.


Monthly Membership for $30 per month, subscribe via PayPal:

Annual membership for $360, click Add to Cart:


"I like how you are running the webinars by starting out with the nice entries and hearing your thoughts and comments about them. It is really cool when our thoughts match up, that way I know what I'm seeing is correct. For example the irregular today, I saw it real time and you confirmed. Some benefits from the webinars that I've noticed is that I've calmed down and I'm taking less trades. I'm getting better at being patient. I think I'm currently 60/40, with 40% of the time I tend to force or look. I look forward to the webinars everyday. Thanks for doing them." - L.P., Danville, CA


Students love the Daily Recap Webinars! Click here for even more Testimonials

Daily Recap Webinar Archives:  Registered Member Access

System Requirements:
PC-based attendees require: Windows® 2000, XP Home, XP Pro, 2003 Server, Vista or 7
Macintosh®-based attendees require: Mac OS® X 10.4 (Tiger®) or newer

You are responsible for your computer's capability to access, view and hear the webinar. If you have any technical difficulties, please call Citrix's Customer Care team toll-free at 1-800-263-6317 (USA only) or 1-805-617-7000 to request assistance. They are available 24/7. If you are outside the United States, please click here for your toll-free number. Please do not call us as we are unable to provide tech support for Citrix's GoToWebinar.com. Please call Citrix to receive expert tech support for Citrix products. Thank you!

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